Sleepy Cambridgeshire village invites Swedish climate experts to help tackle climate emergency

30th October 2019: Hot on the heels of declaring a climate emergency in September, Histon and Impington villages are inviting climate experts from Stockholm to help inspire community ideas for carbon dioxide reduction.

At an event this coming Saturday 2nd November, residents of Histon and Impington will converge on a community centre in Histon and Impington for a morning of inspirational “climate brainstorming”. The goal of the event is to pilot a new model of climate planning in which the whole community comes together to develop innovative ideas for tackling the climate emergency.

Ros Hathorn, Leader of Climate Emergency working party for Histon and Impington Parish Council, said, “As a mum, I’m petrified by what the climate crisis will mean for my children. We can’t wait around for governments to act, so it’s absolutely vital we take urgent action now. We want the whole of Histon and Impington to come together to tackle the climate crisis – if we all work together, we can start taking the action that’s so important to building a better future for everyone.”

The event has been arranged by Histon and Impington Parish Council in partnership with Cambridgeshire Climate Emergency – who are coordinating the climate emergency response across Cambridgeshire – and ClimateView from Sweden. 

Stefan Haselwimmer, Head of Cambridgeshire Climate Emergency, said: “We are delighted to support villages like Histon and Impington to take practical action to significantly reduce carbon emissions. If every town and village across Cambridgeshire follows the pioneering lead of villages like Histon and Impington, we can achieve massive carbon reductions faster than waiting for governments or councils to act.”

The climate workshop will utilise the latest climate innovation approach developed by Sweden’s ClimateView. Their unique approach, currently in use at the highest levels of the Swedish government, provides an evidence-based methodology that encourages all sections of the community to come together to collaborate on tackling the climate crisis. This is the first time in the UK that ClimateView will be used to create climate solutions at local level.

Tomer Shalit, founder and CEO of ClimateView, said: “Getting local communities to come up with climate solutions is vital to achieving massive change. We are excited to be working with Cambridgeshire Climate Emergency to pioneer this community-based model in Cambridgeshire and look forward to supporting communities across Cambridgeshire to create their own community-specific climate plans”.

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Stefan Haselwimmer, Tel: 07719 437803

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