Tackling H&I’s Climate Emergency – First Steps

To make a real difference to Histon and Impington’s carbon footprint we need to work out how we can be most effective. Knowing what our carbon footprint is now will enable us to target our efforts on the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint. To do this we need analysis and data and creative solutions as to what we can do to reduce the biggest contributers of carbon.

If we start this process of reducing our community’s carbon footprint with clarity about where we are starting from as we move forward and begin to reduce carbon we will be able to see what we have achieved. Seeing we are making a difference to Histon and Impington’s carbon footprint is what will keep us going.

We have been given the opportunity to use a new programme from Sweden which has been used at government level but is being launched at local community level. This will allow us to work out accurately what Histon and Impington’s carbon footprint is and where the biggest sources of carbon are coming from. This opportunity is quite last minute and we are lucky to have been chosen for this trial hence the short notice of this event.

The format of this morning will be a collaborative workshop event with groups sitting around tables coming up with ideas and suggestions which we as a community can develop. At the same time we will be plugging in the data we know for our community to work out where the biggest sources of carbon are.

This is a free event but there will be an opportunity to make donations towards tea and coffee costs and room hire.

If you are a Histon and Impington resident, click here to book a FREE ticket!

Note: The event is open to any Histon and Impington resident, young or old – the event is being ticketed to keep a track of numbers as the venue has a limited capacity

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Calling for an effective emergency response to the current climate crisis