Statement to Cambridge City Council

20th May 2019

On 20th May 2019, Cambridgeshire Climate Emergency (CCE) in tandem with Cambridge Extinction Rebellion convened a diverse gathering of climate groups from across Cambridge with Cambridge City Council. CCE read out the following statement:

Cambridgeshire Climate Emergency (CCE) recognises effective collaboration between Cambridgeshire councils and the wider community will speed transition to a zero carbon Cambridgeshire. 

We also recognise Cambridge City Council has a significant role to play in providing leadership in the region in the pursuit of ambitious carbon neutral targets.

To improve collaboration and effective action, we propose the following:

1. To improve collaboration, monthly meetings between council and the wider community should occur, with explicit priority given to young people most affected by future climate change.

2. To improve people’s recognition of the extent of the climate emergency, the council should lead a “data taskforce” to coordinate climate-related data sharing across stakeholders including town, shire and parish councils, universities, utility providers, community groups, businesses. 

3. To ensure the general public are fully engaged and support the necessary transformations required to achieve zero carbon, a “Regional Citizens Assembly for Cambridgeshire” is proposed. It is also suggested Cambridge City Council provide key leadership on this initiative. The assembly will be run independently of the councils, with accredited oversight but ideally part-funded by the council.”

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Calling for an effective emergency response to the current climate crisis