Control Centres

Provide focus, drive urgency, increase public engagement


Inclusive decision-making ensures all voices are heard


Collaboration is key to responding to the climate emergency



To tackle the climate emergency, all sections of the community must work together – young and old, rural and city, charities, schools and universities, faith-groups, businesses, politicians. A “People Power Grid” built through community organising brings people together to define solutions, shape policy, and coordinate rapid action.


A network of publicly viewable “Climate Emergency Control Centres” across Cambridgeshire coordinate and drive forward rapid transformation to tackle the climate emergency. Open access maps ensures everyone has access to the latest information through mobile phones.

Fair and Collaborative

People’s Assemblies and Citizens Assemblies ensure all sectors of society are included in decision-making in a fair and representative way. Collaboration across divides avoids duplication of effort, fosters innovation and is crucial to bringing the community together to tackle the climate emergency.

"Our house is on fire"
Greta Thunberg

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Calling for an effective emergency response to the current climate crisis